If you are experiencing domestic abuse and would like some information, advice or support, please contact us on 01702 302333 (women) or 01702 351648 (men).  

We know that it can be difficult to tell someone what is going on at home.  Our trained, friendly members of staff are here to support you.  Their main concern is your safety, and the safety of any children that are living with you.

Our Dove Centre is open to drop in for female victims of domestic abuse from 10am to 12noon, Monday to Friday, where you will have the opportunity to speak with a member of staff.

At your initial appointment, or during your first call to the service, our team will run through a risk assessment with you.  This is a series of questions designed to highlight the level of risk that you may be in.  We use this risk assessment to help us understand the level of support that you may need.  We will also advise you on measures that you can take to improve your safety.