“It’s all my fault.”
“But isn’t that what dads are supposed to do?”
“I’m angry all the time and I don’t know why.”
“My teachers don’t understand. I can’t focus at school.”

Our refuge provides temporary emergency accommodation to children who have endured and witnessed often horrific abuse. Because of the abuse they have endured, they can be disruptive, they can struggle at school and they can develop depressive symptoms.

The majority of adult victims of domestic abuse coming to us now for help witnessed abuse as children themselves.

We want to break the generational impact of domestic abuse. We do not want children to battle with the impact of growing up with domestic abuse throughout their lives. We want them to be advantaged, not disadvantaged.

We are appealing for help towards the cost of play therapy sessions for children who need help to overcome the trauma they have endured. These play therapy sessions will help children to speak about domestic abuse (for perhaps the first time) in a safe, supportive environment. With this added support, we hope that children will be given the support they need to recover sufficiently from their experience of abuse.

Each play therapy session costs £30; we are looking for a donations to cover a course of play therapy sessions (£180), but whatever you can give is greatly appreciated.

You can donate easily via BTMyDonate. Or you can contact us by email or call 01702 868026 for further information on other ways you can give.