Break the Cycle is for children and young people aged 13-19 years and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Information for children and young people

Break the Cycle was set up because we found that lots of children and young people didn’t understand about healthy relationships or domestic abuse.  We run workshops in schools and colleges, and can provide one-to-one support when needed.  As part of our work with you, we may address:

  • What is a healthy relationship
  • Who is safe to talk to
  • Understanding privacy
  • Effects of pornography and understanding consent
  • Self-esteem and confidence

Our work is confidential, but if you are 15 and under we need your parent/guardian to agree that you would like to work with us.  If you are aged 16 and over we do not need to tell you parents, but we can help you to talk with them if you want to.  In both cases, if at any point there is something we feel may put you in great danger we will talk to you about it and discuss who else we need to tell.

Information for parents

We provide 1-1 support to children and young people, aiming to increase their knowledge and warning signs of teen relationship abuse.  As an independent charity, we are able to offer create an environment where the young person is free to ask questions and explore topics around teen relationship abuse with minimal awkwardness or embarrassment.  As well as this we support young people to express themselves to professionals such as school/college and social workers to involve them in any decisions made about them.  Our goal is for the young people we work with to go on to make better informed decisions about their future relationships.

For more information, contact us on 01702 343868.